Comprehensive Medical Care for All

CMC Critical Medical Care is dedicated to providing top-quality medical services to a wide range of individuals and organizations.

Accessible to everyone

Whether you are covered by medical aid, a privately insured individual, or simply seeking private medical care, CMC warmly welcomes you. We strive to ensure that everyone has access to the critical care they need.

Inclusive services

At CMC, we offer our services to various categories of individuals, including all medical aid members, private clients, and privately insured clients. We understand the importance of comprehensive healthcare coverage for everyone.

Servicing work-related injuries

In addition to general healthcare services, we specialize in assisting individuals who have sustained work-related injuries under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act. Our team is experienced in managing these cases with utmost care and expertise.

Dedicated support for employers

If you are an employer registered with the Compensation Fund, we are here to support you. To ensure a smooth process, please provide us with the necessary documents such as payslips, Form WCL2 (Employer’s Report of an Accident), and identification documents.

At CMC Critical Medical Care, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our commitment is to provide accessible and comprehensive medical services that meet your individual needs. Trust us with your critical care requirements today.

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